9 Reasons Why White Quinoa is Your Next Best Alternative to White Rice

Fried Garlic White Quinoa
Fried Garlic White Quinoa

For Filipinos everywhere, rice is not just a daily source of carbohydrates but is a staple in every meal. Commonly served with other dishes, rice is the most consumed food in the country. Rice is filling and can keep hunger at bay. As the old saying goes, ‘kanin is life.’ 

Unfortunately, white rice is not the healthiest food source out there, especially for people with diabetes and other health conditions. Sometimes, you have to break away from traditions for your long-term health.

On the other hand, you don’t necessarily have to say goodbye to grains entirely. There are more nutritious alternatives you can consider in place of this popular meal staple. You can lead a happier and healthier lifestyle by swapping your usual white rice with some white quinoa.

What is quinoa?

Quinoa (pronounced KEEN-wah) is a gluten-free alternative to starchy grains like white rice. Often described as a ‘superfood’ or ‘super grain,’ it has become a favorite among the health-conscious crowd, and with good reason. 

As per Harvard Health, quinoa is actually not a grain but a seed. However, experts classify quinoa as a ‘whole grain’ and consider quinoa a good fiber and plant protein source.  The quinoa plant has been harvested for 5,000 years and is indigenous to South America. Like how Filipinos treat rice as a staple, people in South America usually have quinoa in every meal.

Why should you go for white quinoa instead of rice? What makes it the best rice alternative in the market? Here are some reasons why you should consider making white quinoa a mainstay in your pantry:


  1. White quinoa is jam-packed with nutrients. Quinoa is called a ‘superfood’ for an excellent reason. Quinoa is a good source of essential nutrients, including folate, iron, magnesium, and zinc. You also get vitamin B6, vitamin E, manganese, potassium, and phosphorus when you have some white quinoa.

When you consume highly processed food like white rice, you get less of the nutritional benefits you would get from the actual grain. However, when you eat white quinoa instead of white rice, your body enjoys more health benefits with each bite. 

If your goal is to lead a healthier lifestyle, consuming white quinoa will equip you with some basic nutrients your body needs. You won’t need to consume artificial vitamins or the like to make up for the nutrients your body lacks. You have a natural source of nutrients. Plus, you will be more energized to take on the day with white quinoa as part of your diet. It’s a real win-win scenario. 


  1. You can balance your blood sugar levels with the help of white quinoa. Due to various reasons, many people find it challenging to maintain healthy blood sugar. If you have diabetes, it’s not recommended to consume white rice regularly. Even if you don’t have health conditions like diabetes, staying within a healthy range helps you maintain your energy level and improve your overall mood.

Fortunately, some studies suggest that eating white quinoa can help you improve blood sugar management and triglyceride levels. Including white quinoa in your regular diet can make it easier to have a balanced sugar level. Basically, you tend to feel better while preventing other health complications related to blood sugar levels.


  1. White quinoa is good for the heart. Including white quinoa in your regular diet helps lower your cholesterol levels, which, in turn, is good for the heart. It is more difficult for the heart to circulate blood to your entire body when you have high cholesterol. This is why people with high cholesterol levels have difficulty breathing sometimes. 

However, white quinoa does more for the heart than lower cholesterol. A study found that quinoa seeds contain many dietary flavonoids “shown to inversely correlate with mortality from heart disease.” Plus, white quinoa is rich in antioxidants, preventing damage to your heart and other vital organs. A diet rich in antioxidants is linked to a lower risk of health problems. 

When you add white quinoa to your diet, you have a better chance of avoiding health complications due to heart-related problems. You promote a better circulatory system while sparing yourself from the troubles of heart issues. You save yourself from the stress and heartache due to health problems with the help of good ol’ white quinoa.


  1. White quinoa can help you lose weight. One of the most popular reasons people prefer white quinoa over rice is its contribution to weight loss. Many people aspire to lose weight for various reasons, and while consuming white quinoa won’t automatically make you lose five pounds, it can help make your target weight within reach. 

How? With white quinoa as part of your diet, you don’t have to starve yourself or sacrifice flavor to enjoy your everyday meals. You don’t have to reduce the amount of food you consume. You just have to substitute white quinoa for your regular white rice. White quinoa is high in fiber and contains more protein than rice or barley. Thus, it can help you manage your weight better. 

In addition, white quinoa has a low glycaemic index (GI). When you consume white quinoa, you don’t get hungry so quickly. You tend to have fewer cravings as well. With white quinoa in your corner, you won’t feel miserable on your weight loss journey. You don’t have to end up feeling hungry all the time to achieve your target weight. All these factors make it easier for you to manage your weight. 


  1. White quinoa may help lower the risk of chronic disease. Certain things are out of your control, like your body’s reception to stress and other external factors. However, making healthier lifestyle choices, like eating white quinoa, puts you in a better position to fight chronic diseases that may have long-term effects on your overall health.

As the body ages, your risk of getting chronic diseases spike as well. On the other hand, you can prevent or at least delay certain health complications with a healthy, balanced diet. With white quinoa in your diet, you have a better chance of leading a more stress-free life. 

White quinoa contains a high amount of anti-inflammatory phytonutrients, which aid in preventing and treating diseases. Plus, compared to common cereals, white quinoa has a higher monounsaturated fat content. Thus, eating white quinoa arms your body with more ammo to fight chronic diseases. Essentially, you give your body a natural boost for possible health issues simply by adding white quinoa to your diet. 


  1. You can improve your gut health with white quinoa. A recent study found that eating white quinoa may strengthen your digestive system. How? White quinoa enhances the diversity of beneficial gut bacteria and reduces inflammatory symptoms. Gut bacteria is essential for overall digestive health.

Moreover, inflammation makes it difficult for your body to process the food your body consumes. Your body finds it challenging to absorb the nutrients it needs, which dent your overall metabolism. The anti-inflammatory properties of white quinoa can help you balance out your stomach problems. 

White quinoa is also rich in fiber, which promotes regular bowel movements. When you incorporate white quinoa into your everyday diet, you will find it easier to maintain your overall gut health. Essentially, white quinoa acts as a prebiotic, paving the way for a healthier digestive system. With white quinoa in your regular diet, you find yourself feeling better because you don’t have digestive problems to worry about. 


  1. White quinoa is a great alternative for people with gluten intolerance. Some people, like those with celiac disease, are allergic to food that contains gluten. These people end up feeling nauseous, bloated, or gassy. Hence, their sensitivity to gluten forces them to look for viable alternatives to avoid triggering their allergies.

The good news is that white quinoa is naturally gluten-free. Hence, it’s a nutritious choice for people who need to cut gluten from their diet. You won’t feel deprived of your carbohydrates while sparing yourself from the hassle of gluten-related complications.

Moreover, white quinoa is free from refined ingredients, so you increase the nutritional benefits your body receives while avoiding gluten. Even if you’re not allergic to gluten, you also win when you eat more quinoa because your body consumes fewer artificial ingredients. Consuming more quinoa is a simple yet effective way to lead a healthier and more holistic lifestyle.  


  1. Eating white quinoa can help you live longer. While quinoa may not be your stepping stone to immortality, eating white quinoa can help you live happily and healthily for a long time. You get to enjoy the best things in life without dealing with the stresses of health complications you can avoid.

How, exactly? A study revealed that increasing your daily fiber intake may reduce your overall risk of mortality. Most people find it challenging to consume the daily recommended amount of fiber to begin with. With white quinoa in your everyday diet, you automatically get to enjoy the benefits of fiber, including a longer life. 

Moreover, a diet rich in whole grain consumption is linked to longevity. Even though white quinoa is a seed technically, experts classify it as a whole grain. The fact that quinoa is rich in fiber and is a whole grain makes it a potent ally for people who intend to live long. If you want to make the most out of your life for a long time, eating white quinoa might give you the power to do so.


  1. It’s easy to incorporate white quinoa into your diet. Above all else, you should embrace white quinoa into your daily meals because it is easy to adapt. You don’t have to go through a dramatic change in your diet to enjoy the benefits of white quinoa. You don’t have to starve yourself, nor do you have to make yourself miserable pursuing a ‘healthier’ lifestyle. 

Moreover, white quinoa is tasty, so you don’t feel like you’re on a diet. Most ‘diet’ foods have a terrible reputation for being bland and boring, but you won’t have to deal with that problem with quinoa in your pantry. Contrary to what some people might think, you can eat delicious meals while leading a healthy lifestyle with the help of white quinoa.


White Quinoa


How do you start eating quinoa instead of rice? As a start, you can substitute your usual white rice with some white quinoa once a day. You can gradually increase your white quinoa intake so your body will get used to the change. 

If you’re bored with the usual quinoa and ulam combination, the good news is that you don’t have to follow the normal route. You can use quinoa as a rice alternative or follow recipes to enjoy it more creatively. How you enjoy your quinoa is entirely up to you. 

The bottom line is including quinoa in your routine is sustainable. You can reap all the health benefits and more by embracing the magic of white quinoa. If you’re looking for excellent quality white quinoa, you should look no further than Nutrifam White Quinoa

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Nutrifam is your trusted health and wellness brand that provides you with premium quality superfoods to boost your meals. Aside from white quinoa, we also offer other healthy food items you and the family can enjoy. 

At Nutrifam, we put quality and sustainability first. We strive to empower the body and mind of our community by advocating a healthy lifestyle through our products. With us, you can be confident that you and your family are nourished only with the best. Discover why people all over the world are raving about white quinoa by sampling our products today. Explore our website to know more. 

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