AB&J Chia Pudding – A Great Way To Start Your Day

Nutrifam Chia Seeds: AB&J Chia Pudding
Nutrifam Chia Seeds: AB&J Chia Pudding

If you’re someone who enjoys peanut butter and jelly for breakfast, this delicious AB&J Chia Pudding recipe is for you! Just mix a few ingredients, put it in the fridge and you’ve got yourself a healthy breakfast.

Yield: 4 servings
  1. In a bowl, mix together oat milk, Nutrifam Chia Seeds, vanilla extract, maple syrup, and Nutrifam Coconut Sugar. Wait overnight until chia seed blooms and create a pudding like texture.
  2. Once chia is bloomed, layer chia pudding, berry and almond butter in a glass. Enjoy!
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